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Starts Within

Taking Security further
then just Frameworks and Compliance
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Every business is unique, and so are its cybersecurity needs. We tailor our services to match your specific requirements, providing a personalized defense strategy that adapts to your evolving digital landscape.

Cloud Security

levate your cloud security with our expert Penetration Testing services, offering a comprehensive assessment, high-quality reports, and ready-made solutions for the ultimate protection.

Social Engineering Pentesting

Social Engineering is the most effective hacking used by threat actors till today. Test your organization and learn how to levate social engineering within your organization.

Web Application

Elevate your web application security with our specialized testing services. Uncover vulnerabilities, receive detailed reports, and fortify your digital presence with tailored protective solutions.

Internal Network

Enhance your internal network security through our specialized testing services. Identify vulnerabilities, receive detailed reports, and fortify your network with tailored solutions for robust protection.

Mobile Application

Secure your mobile applications with our specialized testing services. Uncover vulnerabilities, receive detailed reports, and fortify your mobile apps with tailored solutions for enhanced security.

Internal Authentication

Implement secure internal authentication mechanisms to safeguard your systems and data. Utilize robust protocols and access controls for enhanced protection against unauthorized access.

Note: That for all our services we don't just provide reports but also an immediate solutions

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Important Questions to know

Are security and compliance Frameworks enough ?
Security and compliance frameworks Do very well on keeping compliant with and implementing known security protection, unfortunatly that might not be enough against threat actors, implementing Offensive testing can ensure a higher level of protection.
Who can I trust to do offensive testing ?
Many Cyber Security Engineers are certified in varies Cybersecurity Frameworks and Certification. CyberSecurity is more then that, We run an attack like threat actors, understanding different methods that are not covered by frameworks and compliance certificates
How is Governance Labs different then other Cyber Security Companies ?
Apart of being certified, we have spent years in communications with threat groups understanding varies cyber attacks, Bug hunting and dealing with 0-days expliots, We take Cyber Security further then just Compliance and Frameworks
How can one detect an attack before it happens ?
Governance Labs is included in varies many cyber attacks communication monitoring varies activity pre and post attacks, we are proud monitor deep and dark web for any activity that might be related to our customers.

Governance is an industry leader in a fast and affordable Cyber proctection with Our unique value of varies automated monitoring and testing keeping our customers protected 24/7/365

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